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Pet Euthanasia

Honoring Their Journey
With Love and Compassion

Pet Euthanasia

Honoring Their Journey
With Love and Compassion

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is one of the most challenging decisions a pet parent can make. At 49th Street Veterinary Clinic, we understand the profound bond between you and your pet. We are here to offer compassionate end-of-life and euthanasia services, ensuring that your pet’s transition is peaceful, dignified, and surrounded by love.

When is the right time to say goodbye to your beloved companion? Our experienced and caring team is here to guide you through this challenging process. We’ll provide support, answer your questions, and help you assess your pet’s quality of life to make the most compassionate decision.

about our clinic –
Big Island pet care center

Dr. Grune, a visionary in the field of veterinary medicine, founded our clinic in 1990. Opening his own practice was the realization of his lifelong dream—to deliver the highest level of care to animals in need.

Through his clinic, Dr. Grune has surpassed his expectations and provided comprehensive and compassionate care for dogs and cats throughout Hawaii. We prioritize client education and have created a comfortable space where pets and parents feel at ease.

Our lovely clinic is located within a retrofitted house. It exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere. The open-air lanai serves as our waiting room, and the surrounding landscaped grounds provide a serene environment to promote relaxation for your pet.

Our hands-on approach ensures that your furry friends receive personalized attention and care. We genuinely strive for the best for your pet and aim to build lasting relationships with both pets and their devoted owners. Our dedicated veterinarians and staff are here to meet all your pet healthcare needs.

The Pet Euthanasia Process

Care and Respect: We strive to make you and your beloved companion as comfortable as possible. Our team will treat your pet with the utmost care, respect, and tenderness throughout the euthanasia process.

Compassion and Support: Our staff is here to support you every step of the way. We encourage you to be with your pet and provide a tranquil, private space where you can say your goodbyes and cherish those final moments with your pet.

Remembering Your Beloved Companion: Through our partnership with Heavenly Pet, we provide personalized cremation services for your beloved pet. We will walk you through this process and offer support as you choose the best way to memorialize your pet.

A Loving and Peaceful Farewell

Deciding it’s time to say goodbye is never easy, but you don’t have to go through it alone. The compassionate team at 49th Street Veterinary Clinic is here to provide the support and care you and your pet need during this difficult time.

We’re honored to be a part of your pet’s journey and to help you create a peaceful farewell. Contact us today to discuss your pet’s end-of-life needs, and let us provide the comfort and support you both deserve.

49th Street Veterinary Clinic provides pet euthanasia services for cats and dogs in Durant, Calera, Caddo, Sherman, Bennington, Colbert, Kingston, Armstrong, Atoka, and the surrounding Texoma areas.